Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rope Braid - updo

I am gearing up for a party this weekend. One of the looks i thought would be good with an updo.

Now my hair is short to medium length so i have to try different things to keep it fresh. Here is a video I thought was cute and might practice it and do this for my look. I will post a picture once it is successful :

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Colored denim - Night out look

HI friends!

After a break I get back to posting looks. I want to start a new thread for colored denim. Some may have it since the trend just started some of us joined the party late. When it started I personally brushed off thinking its just new and I wasn't  sure about the cobalt blues or reds. But as the trend caught on and nicer colors started coming I got my own. Since then I have noticed that it is pretty good in creating so many different looks. I encourage to post your looks with colored denim so I can get more ideas.

Here is a night out look for dinner. I have also attempted smokey eye with green eyeshadow. As usual I stuck to chubby stick for a very light shade on the lips.
Also since i got this new hair I have been blow drying it or leaving it with natural waves but I straightened it here. Please let me know your thoughts I really like to receive any feedback.