Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone did something fun with friends and family. Wishing all of you a wonderful New year!

I hope we have lots of fun in 2012 and post our exciting new ideas for fashion.

I have this new look for New year's party. It was a casual house party at my husband's boss' place.

I kept the outfit itself rather casual but added some bling in the form of accessories and slightly more makeup.

Hope you dig this


Top: Zara
Pants: Skinny jeans from the Limited.
Accessories: The limited and New york and Co.

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year - New hair Style

As promised more of chubby stick review. This time I tried "Lots of Strawberry". It's very pink and it brings more color to my natural shade of lip color.
For my attire, I chose brown top with Maroon sweater and dark wash jeans. I added nude/pewter color shoes.

I also was going for a hair cut so here's a before after :)


Really short....I am still soaking it in. I might get up and sob but for now I think I like it...

Sweater: The limited
Top: The limited
Pants: The limited
Shoes: DSW
Accessories: Also The Limited.

Color Color

Hi Guys..yesterday night I went out with a girl friend and this is what I wore. Its a orange Bandage Skirt I bought from a street shop in France. I paired it up with a Cashmere bright Blue sweater , Blue earrings and tan boots. I wore a night pantyhose with it. I was planning to wear the think black pantyhose but I tore it while putting it on so had no choice.
I used MAC blue eye liner and smashbox lip gloss.

Blue Sweater - Nordstrom
Boots - Rampage
Earring - Amuse in Tyson
Makeup - MAC and SmashBox

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Holidays have kept me lazy. Met my close relatives and celebrated together-ness in all this blogging has taken back seat :)
Here is a simple outfit put together through some pieces I collected last winter.
I also got a chance to finally get the chubby sticks that I have been raving about. I got four pieces for 32 bucks which wasn't so bad afterall! These are slight smaller than the original size but just enough to experiment.

The colors are very subtle and you will need to apply a lot of the product. At least 3 coats will show some color. But the moisturizing affect is rather good. I was curious about this color which is not really in the pink family like most of the other three its called "a whole lotta honey". As I said, color itself is very subtle.
Overall though I am happy with the affect just about enough for me.
In the following posts I will make sure I cover the other colors as well.
Here are some more views for you....


Top: Macy's
Inside top: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: DSW
Belt: New York and Co
Leggings: Forever 21

Hope all you guys had a wonderful holiday season. Be sure to blog it !!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pairing bright colors

Going along with Shilpa's post, I tried my pairing bright colors. I love this combination of Navy blue and hot pink. I however wanted to wear these cute shoes that I have since a long time. There are few dress selections where these are utilized well. I could have done nude shoes but I wanted to match with the top. Match much?

I wore a rope belt because its all plain and no prints so it would show well. Plum tights and dangling ear rings along with head band formed rest of the accessories. I wore those earrings as I did an updo. I put a high ponytail and secured lower half with pins into a bun.

For makeup I used Amorous shade of lipstick from MAC. The reason I like this is, its very subtle shade. Sometimes I use gloss on top of it but today i kept it straight up. The blush I used again is from MAC. I applied eyeliner to top lids only. My skin has been finally behaving! I still get a zit here and there but majorly improved after some hormonal changes. So I am using foundation wisely. here i didn't use any.

I gotta shed some pounds for the hips area to fit as it used to before but I stuffed myself in :)

Some closeups to give an idea of all the above mentioned aspects.


Top: The Limited
Skirt: The Limited
Earrings : The Limited
head band: Newyork and Co
Belt: Newyork and Co
Tights: The Limited
Shoes: Payless

Everything from the limited was from sale section :) I love it when I buy stuff for less but who doesn't?

Out for Shopping

Convincing my husband to go out shopping on a weekday is a rare happening..and it actually worked out yesterday..
So I dressed up since I had a lot of time while waiting for my husband and daughter to come home..
I wore a dark blue straight jeans, a plain pink layering tee and an olive green sweater.
This is the only belt I had that went with this outfit a lil bit..I want to try a thin gold/black belt on this sweater..It might be better..

Pink tee - Banana Republic
Sweater, belt - Ann Taylor
Jeans - Limited

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Healthy hair??

hey guys, I've always wanted to know if any of you use any hair products that really worked to prevent hair fall or thinning out?
Post delivery, my hair has been falling like crazy and I really would like to do some kind of treatment to prevent hairfall. I am so scared to use flat iron or blowdry to style my hair these days for the same reason. I've been thinking about keratin protein treatment on my hair. One of the lady at my salon suggested it and she said it's good for your hair and it's just protein so it wont affect it in any way. Has anyone ever done any treaments for healthy hair??

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pairing bright colors

This is an outfit I wore a while back to work and clicked the picture out of sheer vanity :-D

I normally don't take much risk with my color pairings, always going for complementary colors, but I saw a similar color combination on Mad Men and I really wanted to try it out since this skirt is kind of Man Men-esque with its high waist and a-line silhouette. Pardon the unsightly tucked in blouse!

Since the skirt was so bright and the blouse is so far away from orange in the color wheel, I kept the rest of my outfit neutral with the beige sweater and beige-ish sling back shoes.

Blouse and sweater - the limited
Skirt - Banana Republic
Shoes - Anne Klein via DSW
Peace watch from Fossil.



Bottega Veneta layered dress
$1,589 -

Draped dress
$180 -

Jane Norman glitter shoes
£45 -

J Crew chain clutch
$138 -

R J Graziano resin bangle
$45 -

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
$90 -

Sunday night Dinner

I love Lav's idea of posting pic of various looks. So here is my contribution to the look book :-)
I went out for dinner on Sunday with few friends and wanted to keep it simple so I applied a serum in my hair to give a shine and pulled it tightly back..something that I like to do when I wear high neck.
This is my purple pea coat style jacket..bought it last year but didn't use it much. I Use brown MAC liner pencil to create a smug eye look..didn't take a close up ..may be next time.

Top: Some local store on lee highway that sells stuff from Asia.
Jeans - Skinny jeans from DKNY
Boots - Rampage
Jacket - Green and Envy

New Year Eve

Hi Girls..I bought this dress a month ago and plan to wear it for NYE. Any suggestions on how to accessorize this one.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday night....

Hello all...since I started this I can't stop now! Anyway true to the title I try to fit in my penchant for dressing up in everything. Last night is Friday night! I pick up my husband from work and we make attempts to go on a date. Usually its a new fancy restaurant we are exploring or movies or both. Between my workout and picking up my husband from the metro station I have 30 mins to dress and shower.
So this is my attempt at putting together some pieces I like.

This time of the year I love to wear my red sweater. I wanted to do a print top inside but not overbearing. Since red is already so out there. Then I picked this teal skirt to go with it. No time to wash hair that means I need to try ponytail. So here is my attempt for puffy ponytail.

I secured the front portion with bobby pins.

Makeup - I wanted something subtle, so I only did dramatic eyes but nothing else. I wore silver shadow, liner and mascara. No foundation or lips so I retain natural self. Since the sweater takes up all the attention and matching teal color skirt also complements it the dress speaks for itself and I did not feel the need for accessories. I just wore plain stud earrings. Shoes also kept them simple, black pumps. If I had maintained my legs where I could show the skin (I did not clean them up :) ) I would wear boots no tights.

The other option I was thinking was keeping top same but wearing jeans instead but I think this wasn't over the top!


Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren
Top: Express
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Aldo

Comments please!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Toddler dress

First of all, thanks Lavanya for this wonderful blog and letting me share you mentioned this is awesome for work from homers :)
I am starting my first one with a dress for my 16month old baby girl that I made with my husband's T-shirt. I've been interested in making a dress for her since long and I finally made one.. I started with just a plain simple yellow T-shirt. Once I finished stiching, I added the satin ribbon around the waist to cover my sewing imperfections and added the flower embellishments from one of her tops that was detachable. I am not exactly proud of this dress :) but I think it's a good start for more to come..Here's the link below where I found the instructions to sew..
P.S: If you're making a dress for a toddler who's 3yrs/older then I would stick to using your husband's or a bigger T-shirt. But for younger ones, I would use a women's Tshirt since I found my husband's to be too big for my lil one. when I finished I tried it on her and she looked like a Monk :) Hopefully she can wear it when she grows up!

Casual and easy start

Working from home doesn't have to be painful. We miss out on dressing up, long lunch, gossip and interaction but who says it has to be that way? With technology at our finger tips if people can make us work from home we can even interact and still enjoy the guilty pleasures like dressing up from home.
This blog is that attempt to keep my passion of dressing up alive and keeping me busy. I definitely need my peeps to fill in the gaps and make this useful.

I would like to start off with my first attempt at a casual outfit. I put together this look when I was going out with my husband to movies and general shopping.

To explain, I had a dark wash jeans on with a magenta color top with details in the front. In summer I would just leave it at that but since this time of the year requires more cover up, I chose a black jacket.
Since I would be walking around more as shopping is on the agenda, I picked shoes that are comfortable.
I did not want makeup on my face so I only did eyes and lips.
I really wanted to try hand curling hair. My hair is naturally wavy so I added some styling product on wet hair. With fingers I twirled the hair taking sections while blow drying it

This is a closer look....

None of this takes a whole lot of time.

To Summarize:
Top -  The Limited
Jacket - NewYork and Co
Jeans - The Limited
Shoes - Sketchers
Accessories - Watch Style&Co