Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Healthy hair??

hey guys, I've always wanted to know if any of you use any hair products that really worked to prevent hair fall or thinning out?
Post delivery, my hair has been falling like crazy and I really would like to do some kind of treatment to prevent hairfall. I am so scared to use flat iron or blowdry to style my hair these days for the same reason. I've been thinking about keratin protein treatment on my hair. One of the lady at my salon suggested it and she said it's good for your hair and it's just protein so it wont affect it in any way. Has anyone ever done any treaments for healthy hair??


  1. I am not experienced with post pregnancy but in general you can take supplement biotin. I heard it prevents hair loss and also improves quality. Other than that do you regularly oil your hair? Massage helps too. Try it.

  2. @Shuba:

    I heard about post delivery hair fallout and I think its natural, nothing to worry about. It will grow back.That being said, I would say as Lav suggested try out supplements.

    After researching a bit, I started taking Biotin. I still don't see any major difference as its too early to say anything,will update you on that.

    Check the link where people talked about Biotin.

    Regarding Keratin treatment, I'm not positive about it. I thought of getting it done few months back and haven't heard good things about it. But its up to ones body how it reacts. One of my friend did it and she is very happy with results. But few complained about hair loss and other things.

    But I think it will not help you in hair growth, it makes your hair look pretty by keeping it straight even after washes, again not sure do some research before you do anything!! I would definitely suggest you to start with some supplements and slowly look for some treatments. HTH!

    Last but not least don't stress on that at all, which is easier said than done,but try not to....

    Good luck :)

  3. @Lav:I havent really done a lot of oil massages..I should try..that's the best natural remedy for this i think.
    @Aneela: thanks a lot..Do let me know how biotin works..I am really interested to try that. I did read some negative reviews on keratin treatment as well..I am not going to take any risk on that now.I dont want to lose what I already have which is not too bad..I will just wait for your biotin results and try some supplements..

  4. hey Guys, there are so many brands of biotin out there..which one are you guys taking?

  5. I don't know about biotin but I am still taking my prenatals and they seem to have prevented the massive amounts of hairloss I was expecting.