Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer time!

Summer is here and it's prettier than ever! I realized and have been told several times by people close to me that I end up buying and buying stuff but never take time to enjoy the clothes I have. As part of doing that, I plan to go through my wardrobe and enjoy the things I already have this entire season.
I won't lie that I won't shop more :)
But I think I am up for a challenge to put together as many looks as possible with existing clothes.
Here's one I was going out for ahem ahem shopping this weekend and running errands. I wanted a summer casual look which is purely cotton too.

I have some stuff I picked up over last 5 years which now can be used with other stuff I bought later. This skirt here was from way back 2007 which I didn't wear much and I feel that if I don't use this over summer this year good chance it's going to charity.
So you might see this more with more pairings in this blog.
For makeup I just did eyeliner with pencil just to give some light shade which eventually will get smudged.
for lips I am still sticking to my chubby sticks. I vow to completely use them and then move on :)
I let mine dry naturally but used a curling product to tame the frizz.
Top: The limited
Skirt: Macy's
Shoes: Payless
Purse: Nine west


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Do you guys have several matchy/stylish PJs that you can proudly wear in get togethers or meetups? Or is it just me? I have a bunch of mismatching tops and pants that I've collected over the years that I try to put together and ends up looking not so good.. I always feel how much ever i invest in PJs I dont have good ones..I am planning on discading my mismatching separates and get some good ones! Ofcourse, bought some from VS last year and love it..
I want something more age appropriate at the same time a little casual..
But have always been curious about options to buy PJs.
A few good places that I know of:
Old Navy
Target (yes, it really does have some good ones..)

Any additions to this list and suggestions will be really appreciated!!

************Here's my look********* 

Casual Chic Kiki: World's behind - my take

Casual Chic Kiki: World's Behind: Dress: F21. Leggings: WalMart. Jacket: Macy's.  Bag: Michael Kohrs. Sandals: Naturalizer. I am world's behind on outfit posting...

This is an simple yet stunning look. I'd like to share it with my friends here in hopes that one of us can actually do this. I have a purple sweater dress with which i can try this look. I plan to post my pic soon.