Thursday, May 10, 2012


Do you guys have several matchy/stylish PJs that you can proudly wear in get togethers or meetups? Or is it just me? I have a bunch of mismatching tops and pants that I've collected over the years that I try to put together and ends up looking not so good.. I always feel how much ever i invest in PJs I dont have good ones..I am planning on discading my mismatching separates and get some good ones! Ofcourse, bought some from VS last year and love it..
I want something more age appropriate at the same time a little casual..
But have always been curious about options to buy PJs.
A few good places that I know of:
Old Navy
Target (yes, it really does have some good ones..)

Any additions to this list and suggestions will be really appreciated!!

************Here's my look********* 


  1. Target and Old navy have been my favorite places so far. No I don't think I like matchy PJ and top sets. I also mix and match to me my PJs need cutesy prints t's can be plain or I can do tanks. Nothing fancy though. I have done vs too but I do not like too much pink prints on my butt. In your blog I have edited and added my pic.

    1. this is nice...i have similar pants and tanks..but to be honest I cannot wear tanks when I am with our friends..I need something with more converage :) so this is what i mean..I have several short short night gowns and tanks and stuff when I'm at home..but I am concerned with my weekend meetup PJs appropriate enough to wear all day?

  2. I see what you want now is lounge wear. Many stores carry that now and if you go to outlets you can even buy juicy couture and branded lounge wear. Its up to you how much you want to spend.

  3. I like sleep separates too, better than pajama sets. I like wearing pjs all day, and if they are in decent shape I don't bother to change out of them if someone is visiting :D

  4. I got my PJ's from Target and VS. Target has very cool PJ's and I buy seperate Tshirts for those PJ's.

    VS one was a matchy one which I wear when I'm with friends as its all covered and looks fancy....

    nice post!!