Friday, December 30, 2011

Color Color

Hi Guys..yesterday night I went out with a girl friend and this is what I wore. Its a orange Bandage Skirt I bought from a street shop in France. I paired it up with a Cashmere bright Blue sweater , Blue earrings and tan boots. I wore a night pantyhose with it. I was planning to wear the think black pantyhose but I tore it while putting it on so had no choice.
I used MAC blue eye liner and smashbox lip gloss.

Blue Sweater - Nordstrom
Boots - Rampage
Earring - Amuse in Tyson
Makeup - MAC and SmashBox


  1. sorry for the typo. I meant knit and thin pantyhose.

  2. Love the skirt and earrings! Interesting pairing...