Thursday, December 29, 2011


Holidays have kept me lazy. Met my close relatives and celebrated together-ness in all this blogging has taken back seat :)
Here is a simple outfit put together through some pieces I collected last winter.
I also got a chance to finally get the chubby sticks that I have been raving about. I got four pieces for 32 bucks which wasn't so bad afterall! These are slight smaller than the original size but just enough to experiment.

The colors are very subtle and you will need to apply a lot of the product. At least 3 coats will show some color. But the moisturizing affect is rather good. I was curious about this color which is not really in the pink family like most of the other three its called "a whole lotta honey". As I said, color itself is very subtle.
Overall though I am happy with the affect just about enough for me.
In the following posts I will make sure I cover the other colors as well.
Here are some more views for you....


Top: Macy's
Inside top: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: DSW
Belt: New York and Co
Leggings: Forever 21

Hope all you guys had a wonderful holiday season. Be sure to blog it !!

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