Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pairing bright colors

Going along with Shilpa's post, I tried my pairing bright colors. I love this combination of Navy blue and hot pink. I however wanted to wear these cute shoes that I have since a long time. There are few dress selections where these are utilized well. I could have done nude shoes but I wanted to match with the top. Match much?

I wore a rope belt because its all plain and no prints so it would show well. Plum tights and dangling ear rings along with head band formed rest of the accessories. I wore those earrings as I did an updo. I put a high ponytail and secured lower half with pins into a bun.

For makeup I used Amorous shade of lipstick from MAC. The reason I like this is, its very subtle shade. Sometimes I use gloss on top of it but today i kept it straight up. The blush I used again is from MAC. I applied eyeliner to top lids only. My skin has been finally behaving! I still get a zit here and there but majorly improved after some hormonal changes. So I am using foundation wisely. here i didn't use any.

I gotta shed some pounds for the hips area to fit as it used to before but I stuffed myself in :)

Some closeups to give an idea of all the above mentioned aspects.


Top: The Limited
Skirt: The Limited
Earrings : The Limited
head band: Newyork and Co
Belt: Newyork and Co
Tights: The Limited
Shoes: Payless

Everything from the limited was from sale section :) I love it when I buy stuff for less but who doesn't?

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  1. nice outfit..this totally looks like a dress..somehow in the picture it looks like purple and black..instead of pink and navy.i like your skirt!