Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday night....

Hello all...since I started this I can't stop now! Anyway true to the title I try to fit in my penchant for dressing up in everything. Last night is Friday night! I pick up my husband from work and we make attempts to go on a date. Usually its a new fancy restaurant we are exploring or movies or both. Between my workout and picking up my husband from the metro station I have 30 mins to dress and shower.
So this is my attempt at putting together some pieces I like.

This time of the year I love to wear my red sweater. I wanted to do a print top inside but not overbearing. Since red is already so out there. Then I picked this teal skirt to go with it. No time to wash hair that means I need to try ponytail. So here is my attempt for puffy ponytail.

I secured the front portion with bobby pins.

Makeup - I wanted something subtle, so I only did dramatic eyes but nothing else. I wore silver shadow, liner and mascara. No foundation or lips so I retain natural self. Since the sweater takes up all the attention and matching teal color skirt also complements it the dress speaks for itself and I did not feel the need for accessories. I just wore plain stud earrings. Shoes also kept them simple, black pumps. If I had maintained my legs where I could show the skin (I did not clean them up :) ) I would wear boots no tights.

The other option I was thinking was keeping top same but wearing jeans instead but I think this wasn't over the top!


Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren
Top: Express
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Aldo

Comments please!


  1. The pattern on the tights and the print on your blouse are playing off nicely against each other, and the skirt and sweater combo is a good color blocking effect. Love it :)

  2. awesome outfit Lav:) You are looking lovely. you have put together everything really well.

  3. nice outfit dude..i love the red and blue's a bold look to pull off..and you look awesome

  4. awesome baby the look

  5. Thank you all...I agree it's bold :)