Friday, December 9, 2011

Toddler dress

First of all, thanks Lavanya for this wonderful blog and letting me share you mentioned this is awesome for work from homers :)
I am starting my first one with a dress for my 16month old baby girl that I made with my husband's T-shirt. I've been interested in making a dress for her since long and I finally made one.. I started with just a plain simple yellow T-shirt. Once I finished stiching, I added the satin ribbon around the waist to cover my sewing imperfections and added the flower embellishments from one of her tops that was detachable. I am not exactly proud of this dress :) but I think it's a good start for more to come..Here's the link below where I found the instructions to sew..
P.S: If you're making a dress for a toddler who's 3yrs/older then I would stick to using your husband's or a bigger T-shirt. But for younger ones, I would use a women's Tshirt since I found my husband's to be too big for my lil one. when I finished I tried it on her and she looked like a Monk :) Hopefully she can wear it when she grows up!


  1. I think this is a great start! simple ans cute. I can see that around the waist there are some imperfections as you mentioned but with the belt it takes off the attention. would love to see how you would dress her up in this. What shoes?

  2. this is awesome.. you are talented girl ;)

  3. thanks guys..@Lav: I would probably put on some pink boots for this dress..but as I mentioned this is too big for her so going to make a smaller one that she can actually wear now!