Friday, December 9, 2011

Casual and easy start

Working from home doesn't have to be painful. We miss out on dressing up, long lunch, gossip and interaction but who says it has to be that way? With technology at our finger tips if people can make us work from home we can even interact and still enjoy the guilty pleasures like dressing up from home.
This blog is that attempt to keep my passion of dressing up alive and keeping me busy. I definitely need my peeps to fill in the gaps and make this useful.

I would like to start off with my first attempt at a casual outfit. I put together this look when I was going out with my husband to movies and general shopping.

To explain, I had a dark wash jeans on with a magenta color top with details in the front. In summer I would just leave it at that but since this time of the year requires more cover up, I chose a black jacket.
Since I would be walking around more as shopping is on the agenda, I picked shoes that are comfortable.
I did not want makeup on my face so I only did eyes and lips.
I really wanted to try hand curling hair. My hair is naturally wavy so I added some styling product on wet hair. With fingers I twirled the hair taking sections while blow drying it

This is a closer look....

None of this takes a whole lot of time.

To Summarize:
Top -  The Limited
Jacket - NewYork and Co
Jeans - The Limited
Shoes - Sketchers
Accessories - Watch Style&Co


  1. Love it! I especially love the button details on that jacket :)

  2. Nice girl!! love you hair! for wavy hair maybe this is better..I tried using a curling iron but ended up looking like saibaba.. :) it was too voluminous..will try this..

  3. Thats one nice OOTD :) Nice jacket!

    I would like see more of your hair styles though :)