Monday, April 16, 2012

Hawaii Look Book Night

Here are the night time looks:

Most of these were out for dinner at  nearby resort restaurants




 Here I had the Hawaiin flower Plumeria on I am not sure these pics show that :) But you could see that in other looks.


This is very laid back stroll-around-nearby market look. We didnt have any plans but just went out for ice cream. Yes, I had to dress up :)


This is for Luau.

Appreciate feedback folks...


  1. I really like ur experimentation with hte hairdos..really suits all of the nightime looks i love the pink maxi dress and the orange dress..where are they from?

    1. Pink maxi New York and Co and Orange tube Ltd.

  2. awesome pics again lav!! looks like it was a good opportunity to try out all new styles and you rocked in all of them.

    My fav has to be the day #3 and #5 , love the casual yet chic looks!

    1. Thank you! it was fun definitely putting ideas together.