Monday, April 16, 2012

Hawaii Look book Day

I cannot wait to share my looks from day to night after my recent trip from Hawaii. As much as we enjoyed the visit I enjoyed dressing up part too.
To keep it really concise I have broken it down to Day and Night.
 Starting with airport looks to and from :)



Clearly you can tell the shift in enthusiasm from the pics

I hope the pictures is worth a thousand words but I did write a brief description where I felt necessary.

Day time looks:







 Night time looks to follow :)

As you can see in some I have used makeup and some I kept it simple where the outfit is loud in itself. I played a lot with hair styles but mostly are all easy fix ups. Night time looks are also mostly simple but I made attempt to dress up wherever I got the opportunity :) Hope you guys like this...


  1. awesome outfits babe..I loved the first one, the pink top w/ shorts, the orange flowery top and the hawaiian dress.. :) Looks like you guys had an amazing time..

  2. Thank you that is encouraging :) Yes it was a very good time. Glad we made the trip and so many memories with it.

  3. Lovely pics Lav!! and lovely outfits.You look amazing in everything.

    Looks like you had great time :) share your pics!!

    I liked the blue dress which you wore on day5....that piece is awesome!!